Neck Pain

For those living with neck pain, even simple everyday tasks can become challenging ordeals. While the severity of symptoms can vary from patient to patient, neck pain generally causes discomfort which can impair the range of motion for sufferers. This often detracts from their quality of life by preventing them from moving freely and performing normal activities. Chiropractor in Mandeville, LA | Covington, LA focuses on providing our patients with the care they need to enjoy the highest quality of life.


Pain Relief

One of the most obvious challenges of living with neck pain on a daily basis is the discomfort that comes with it. Pain, whether dull and persistent or sharp and searing, can have a significant impact on your ability to focus on your work, take care of your family, or maintain a healthy, active lifestyle for yourself. Studies have found that those who suffer from chronic pain often miss more days of work and express concerns regarding their ability to fulfill familial obligations. Chiropractic treatment is one way to find relief from the pain that is holding you back. Our team delivers personal, attentive care to our patients in order to address their unique needs and develop a treatment plan that will be the most effective for them.


Restored Range of Motion

Things like cleaning the house, walking the dog, or driving a car can require a broad range of motions. Even simple tasks require you to be able to turn your head to look up, down, and around you. Severe neck pain can limit an individual’s range of motion, making everyday activities challenging or virtually impossible. Our chiropractic treatment not only addresses your pain but helps you to restore your range of motion. After being restricted in their movements for a long time, many patients lose strength and flexibility in the affected areas. Our chiropractic office offers physical therapy to aid patients on their journey to recovery.


Quality of Life

They say it is not the number of years in your life that matter, but the life in your years. This is one of the best ways to sum up what quality of life means. Chronic pain can often lead to isolation, depression, stress, and anxiety. Those who suffer from chronic pain of any type can lose their ability to live normal, healthy, social lives for one reason or another. Chiropractic treatment heals your body so you can begin to heal your mind and continue your pursuit of happiness without being held back by your pain.


Proven Result

Although there is more than one way to treat chronic neck pain, chiropractic care has proven to be one of the most safe and effective methods of managing neck pain caused by a wide range of factors. Not only do professional chiropractors help their patients find relief from pain, but they can provide recommendations and physical or massage therapy to help build strength, prevent re-injuries, and improve overall physical and mental health.

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